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Join our Teaching Community

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  • Understanding the Bible can be very challenging and at times we come across verses that makes very little sense to us. When this happens we lose the desire to continue our Biblical studies. In The Teachers Community you will find teachers of the word who are available for bringing clarity in the word of God. Here teachers are gathered together on a global scale putting aside pride to lay down sound doctrine; line upon line, precept upon precept. Learning and studying God’s word in private is great, of course, but the most effective learning comes when we interact with one another with the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas. The teachers in this community creates a learning environment for people in all walks of life. We share, build, and connect in this community.

    Note: There shall be no demonizing of the name Jesus, nor of Israel, nor of any Teachers on this page, nor the promotion of anything the Bible calls Sin, Abominations, Idolatry, Harlotry, Perversions/Confusions, FLAT EARTH FOOLISHNESS, Preterism, etc.


    When posting to the main page, please do not include imagery with an overtly shocking picture. Let the story remain without the picture. Those who open the post do so as mature adults by their own authority, but certain imagery needs to remain off the main page. Imagery such as aborted babies, or nudity, etc, posted to the main page will result in the post being deleted. If repeated with intent to repeat, the member will be removed.

    Individual members are only allowed 1 individual membership. One person with multiple Christ Lobby profiles shall not attempt to place more than 1 profile as membership to this page, whether by the same name or different names. If one who has been banned attempts reentry under an alias, that alias will be immediately banned. The Page Administrators request that individuals request their own admission. The Administrators request that members do not attempt to add groups of people, but each person make their own request. A member wholesale adding people can result in those people not being added, and their membership being revoked.

    Grounds for removal/banning from the page include, but are not limited to: Blocking an Administrator, Deleting an Administrator’s comments, attempting multiple profile membership by an individual, spamming either as repeated multiple 'same' posts or in other's posts, Language deemed as Foul, Obnoxious, Toxic, Name calling or any language deemed as verbal bullying and/or abuse/verbal threats (fighting), Trolling, Obvious false doctrine or materials used to seduce and/or subvert a believer in Christ away from Christ, etc. Attempting to use the page for Sales and/or Fundraising. All Money Solicitations are forbidden.

    The Administrators have the final say on that which is appropriate and that which is not appropriate for the group Teachers , and reserves the right to allow or remove at any time without notice. Thank you