About Us

Christ Lobby is a social networking platform that is designed for connecting Christians on a global scale. We utilize the power of technology and our team of dedicated Christians to orchestrate a community that is built on edifying one another and positively impacting the world. We strive to foster an environment that brings forth positive change across the globe. This social network is like none other; with a click of a button users have the opportunity to connect with Christians all over the world, eliminating the barrier of language. Our mission is to bring to unity the many different denominations in Christianity, because our sole purpose is administering the love of Jesus Christ.

The platform creates a resourceful, convenient, reliable and functional tool to connect, serve and support all users. Christ Lobby supports businesses by allowing them the opportunity to promote and advertise to thousands of Christ Lobby users all over the world. Our intention is to build a community that connects Christian schools, businesses, churches, people as well as ministers globally.